What is PR in Japan?

Question mark blogs serve as a metaphor for what PR agencies in Japan actually do

Even though Kyodo PR is the leading PR agency in Japan, answering the question of what actually constitutes PR in this day and age is a difficult one for us. 


Using AI to Accelerate the New Normal from Asia

Lights dangling

Our lives have changed drastically the past year and a half as has the way we do business as a PR agency in Japan. While we are too still trying to figure it all out, here are few ways in which we can use AI to accelerate the new normal in Japan and the rest… Read more »


Our Golden Rules for Entering Japan

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Unfortunately, many international companies wrongly enter the local market without a proper plan or a PR agency in Japan to help guide them. Over the years, Kyodo PR has helped many multinationals launch into Japan and we’ve distilled our many years of learnings into this set of golden rules.


Getting the Most Out of Your PR Agency in Japan

A group of confused business people wonder why they aren't getting results out of their public relations agency in Japan

The Japanese media landscape is well… a bit different to say the least. Of all the things I do at this PR agency in Japan, perhaps nothing is harder than trying to get foreign communication managers to understand the many local discrepancies.


E-Commerce Marketing in Japan

An online shopping cart to represent e-commerce marketing, a service we offer at this public relations agency in Japan

“This can’t be right! There’s no way that it’s THAT high…” I thought to myself while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. The ROAS score (short for return on ad spend for those not in the know) on my screen was reading 18.72.


How to Actually Grow Social Media Accounts

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Over the years, I cannot count the times that I’ve been asked to accumulate followers online for a client at this PR agency in Japan with absolutely no budget for growth.