Golden Rules for Entering Japan

sunset photo of kyoto

Japan is a very unique market that many companies try to enter without much thought. Here are some golden rules to follow to succeed in Japan!


Getting the Most Mileage Out of Your PR Agency in Japan

A group of Japanese look perplexed

The Japanese media landscape is well… a bit different to say the least. Of all the things I do at this agency, perhaps nothing is harder than trying to get foreign communication managers to understand the many local discrepancies in Japan.


E-Commerce Marketing in Japan

A shopping cart rests on top of a laptop's keyboard as a concept for e-commerce

“This can’t be right! There’s no way that it’s THAT high…” I thought to myself while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. The ROAS score (short for return on ad spend for those not in the know) on my screen was reading 18.72.


Organic Reach & Instagram in 2020

Woman holds a smartphone from which like emojis fly out

As everyone likely already knows, Instagram recently made the decision to hide likes all across the globe. After testing the change in various markets (including Japan), the Facebook owned app has finally started concealing numbers in all regions.


Earned Media & Retargeting on Social Media

Male hand holding smartphone. Businessman using laptop computer and digital tablet while working in the cafe. Mobile app or internet of things concepts. Modern lifestyle in digital age.

While it’s true that all things in Japan are becoming more and more digital, the average Japanese person still puts a lot of trust in the brand name of legacy media outlets (even when those articles appear online).