Kyodo PR, the leading PR agency in Japan, is expanding its international operations with various endeavors to get non-Japanese companies to use the agency’s services when engaging the Japanese market.

For instance, the launch of an integrated marketing communication offering to be led by experienced, capable, and bilingual PR officers with deep knowledge in digitally-driven integrated marketing communications.

Kyodo PR prides itself in the quality and professionalism of its staff and one of them is Ms. Kazuko Suzuki Kotaki, Deputy Director-General of PR Research Institute, who on June 1, 2021, was also appointed as the Vice President of Marketing at the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) Japan.

She will be also appointed as the Director of Membership Marketing, IABC APAC as of July 1st, bringing in her over 20 years of business communication experience to the global and regional organizations and contribute to the promotion of the SDGs, ESG, and Diversity & Inclusion at the local as well as the global level.

In commemoration of these key appointments, Ms. Kotaki will be providing a D&I lecture for Japanese speakers based on her global knowledge at Kyodo PR on June 24 (Thursday). Applications are due June 18 (Fri) 18:00 hrs JST.

Kyodo PR is committed to enhancing its services and professional advice in SDGs, ESG, and Diversity & Inclusion programs not only for domestic but also for multinationals that come into the Japanese market.

“I’m thrilled to have been appointed to these positions at IABC and plan to use it at Kyodo PR inspired by the agency’s unique approach to understanding every stage of the customer journey,” said Kazuko. “I look forward to building our team, all of whom specialize in delivering data-backed creative ideas that drive impact and positive results for all our clients in the Japanese market.”

James Howe, IABC APAC Vice Chair said, “As the incoming Chair of the Board, I’m looking forward to an exciting year. Communication has arguably never been more important than it currently is. IABC Asia Pacific is in a unique position to help deliver professional communications, harnessing our international network across the region. I will be delighted to have Kazuko and her experience on the Board at this crucial time.”

In summary, we hope the D&I lecture will be successful and be one more shining example of the agency’s proactive approach to engaging its clients and stakeholders in topics that resonate with today’s global movements.

Please find the link to the lecture below:

Written by Kazuto Kotaki
Deputy Director-General of the PR Research Institute at Kyodo Public Relations

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