How to Actually Grow Social Media Accounts

Social media app's icons and logos appear on a number of cubes

Over the years, I cannot count the times that I’ve been asked to accumulate followers online for a client at this PR agency in Japan with absolutely no budget for growth.


Messaging & Japan Market Entry

It’s widely accepted across the globe that Japan is one of the hardest countries to launch into for overseas brands and navigating this is what we do as a PR agency in Japan.


Why You Need Integrated Communications

An interconnected Japan via digital infrastructures

As anyone who braves the morning commute in Tokyo can attest to, the collective attention of all of Japan has converged on but a mere handful of platforms.


Trend Jacking for Fun & Profit

Some chocolates and a pink love letter rest on a table

Several years ago in early February, Japan witnessed one of the most peculiar media phenomena that I’ve ever seen while working at this PR agency in Japan.


Japan Market & Media Overview

Introduction to Japan Japan achieved remarkable economic expansion in the aftermath of WWII with huge advances in automobiles and consumer electronics, rising from devastation to its place as the third-largest country in the world by nominal GDP.


The Importance of Media Relations in Japan

“Media relations…”“Media relations…”“Media relations…” It was about the third or fourth time I had heard that phrase uttered in a prospective client pitch, but I could tell something wasn’t clicking.