Customers Are Buying Into the Right Lifestyles

Many companies are transforming their businesses and products to speak to their customers on a deeper level, connecting with them to become something they can center their lives around, something they can consider part of their identity. Companies, especially those in the food, apparel, and jewelry industries, are changing their image, voice, policies, and even individual product features to become a part of the so-called lifestyle industry.

Japan brings added layers of difficulty for brands that are focused on becoming a lifestyle with its own deep-rooted cultural beliefs, a structurally and phonetically different language, and aversion to change.

Brands who are looking to break into this area will need to carefully integrate their approach to communications and balance between a mix of online and offline events, traditional media, strategic influencer engagement, owned media, and careful localization.

Kyodo PR has helped numerous brands, both domestic and international, become integral parts of different communities by carefully localizing their products for the market and getting exposure in the most impactful media.


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